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Micah’s Way Sponsors

Sisters of St. Joseph Employment Fund
St. Nicholas Church
Episcopal Church of the Messiah
Sai Baba Foundation

OUR MISSION:The mission of Micah’s Way is to provide Orange County’s impoverished families and individuals with a support system that responds to immediate needs and helps develop the skills for self -sufficiency.

      3 Ways to Give!

• Money

We are an all-volunteer public benefit corporation the money we receive from private donations and grants is very carefully managed. For four years our budget has been around $30,000 annually. Now with a track record, committed staff and volunteers, and effective systems in place we are able to expand.

The key part of our expansion in 2009 will be acquiring and running a Resource Center. The initial annual budget is for $168,000. Being independent of government and other institutions, much of this money will come from private donations. If you think that helping poor people in Orange County is a good idea, we think there is no better place for you to donate money.

Our online donation method is now available! See the donate button below. But if you would prefer to use a check our address is: Micah's Way, Po Box 1631 Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Our Tax ID number is 54-2166918.

• Things

We love in-kind donations too! Check out the list on the right to see the sorts of things that are useful. Sometimes we can arrange for pickup.

Micah's Way Director:
Denis Clarke: (714) 667 7110

Items We Could Use:

  • Bus Passes (1-day disabled+65)
  • Clothing : Socks, Underwear & Shoes
  • Toiletries (travel size)
  • Femminine Hygeine Products
  • First Aid Supplies
  • School Supplies & Backpacks
  • Canned and Non-perishable Food
  • Small appliances
  • Towels & Linens
  • Diapers (#5 please) & Baby Clothes
  • Blankets & Sleeping Bags
  • Children's Car Seats, Wheelchairs
  • Store Gift Cards (Walmart, Target) $10-$20
  • Coffee, Creamer, & Sugar (for MiCafe)
  • Postage Stamps

• Time

Dozens of private and public agencies and churches work to alleviate poverty in Orange County, and Micah's Way is careful not to duplicate what is already done. Because we are in a very wealthy part of the world, money and material are available to address the problems. Perhaps the greatest need is for capable volunteers to put resources to their best use. Quick-fixes are rare; we think the problems of poverty are best tackled by patient and creative people working with friends and in co-operation with other organizations.

We are all volunteers at Micah’s Way. This means that each of us chooses how and when we participate in the mission. We choose how to be responsible to the people we serve and how to be responsive to each other. Although we are not a religious organization, we aspire to the motto: Love kindly, act justly, walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8).

Examples of volunteer work for adults Mentor a family that has recently found housing. Help someone to keep appointments or to make a budget. Pick up a prescription for a senior. Deliver food-boxes. Write someone’s resume. Help with a job-search. Organize MicahU, the tuition program. Put your special skills to use: family law, bike repair, immigration, rehabilitation, veterans’ affairs, etc.

Examples of volunteer work for younger people You can tutor kids in math, organize a school fundraiser, clean up after a street meal, or maintain the MW website. You can be the editor of the Micah Street Sheet or you can do the heavy lifting for food and clothing distribution.

Then there are volunteers who support other volunteers Driving, writing grants, picking up donations, liaising with other agencies, plumbing the new resource center, and so on…

Micah’s Way is for self-starters! You can draw on the experience of other Micah's Way people in your work, but it is your energy and enthusiasm, your time and creativity that will get things done. You are in at the beginning of something important —make it your own!

Micah's Way is an all volunteer, non profit, tax exempt public benefit corporation. Tax ID 54-2166918
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