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OUR MISSION:The mission of Micah’s Way is to provide Orange County’s impoverished families and individuals with a support system that responds to immediate needs and helps develop the skills for self -sufficiency.

What clearly separates MW from many charities doing good work is that MW actively seeks opportunities to find and meet the poor wherever we can through our Outreach programs. MW is about being proactive, rather that reactive, in trying to assist poor families and individuals get a “leg up” on the problems to be dealt with.


MiCafe is one of Micah's Way's main outreach programs, and what better way to get to know someone than over a hot cup of coffee? Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning, coffee and pastries are served at the Civic center in Santa Ana CA. This simple act of kindness provides those who are looking for help a point of contact from which we can begin a process to help those who desire help.


Once a month, MW serves a “street meal” of a hearty soup, bread, and drink at the Civic Center in Santa Ana.  Like MiCafe, this evening event allows families and single people another opportunity to make contact with MW so those who are looking for help can begin the process that may lead them to rejoin society as productive members.

Lights On

In conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul, MW meets those being released from jail between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am on Mondays and Fridays. Again, those who desire to start again and rejoin society can make contact with MW.  Coffee, pastries, and pizza are served.  Some clothing is available for those who need it.  Those being released can make necessary calls or wait for rides.

Other Contacts

MW also receives referrals from some Orange County agencies, private charities, religious organizations and congregations, and the judicial system, that will allow those sentenced to community service to garner their hours volunteering at MW.  We continue to build a network with those who strive to work with the poor.

Micah's Way is an all volunteer, non profit, tax exempt public benefit corporation. Tax ID 54-2166918
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