Lists of
Micah’s Way Sponsors

Sisters of St. Joseph Employment Fund
St. Nicholas Church
Episcopal Church of the Messiah
Sai Baba Foundation

OUR MISSION: The mission of Micah’s Way is to provide Orange County’s impoverished families and individuals with a support system that responds to immediate needs and helps develop the skills for self -sufficiency.

Adult Education

A plumber, out of work and a new California resident, and homeless as a result, who needed certification to join the union was given tuition and book monies to enroll in the necessary certification course.  On completion of the course, he was able to join the union, find work, pay for housing and improve his life condition.

Job Search

A gentleman who had a job history needed a resume to submit with job applications. MW was able to assist him compile a complete resume, do online job search, submit online applications, and make appointments for job interviews. As a result, he was able to find work.  His resume is stored at MW should he need to update it for future use.

One Vet’s story

We found a Vietnam veteran who had taken to living in a tree.  He stashed his belonging in some vegetation, but he slept in a tree to avoid being beaten or robbed during the night.  We were successful in getting his veteran’s benefits re-instated, helped him find housing and getting the disability assistance to which he was entitled. Periodically we help him, when necessary; get referrals to those who can help him solve problems that arise.  

Micah's Way is an all volunteer, non profit, tax exempt public benefit corporation. Tax ID 54-2166918
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